Raffles American School Malaysia: Winter Camp 2020

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Dear Valued Partners,


Thank you for your patience and we have finalized the camp information for Winter Camp 2020 !


Below is the summarize details for the camps:-


Camp One : 19th January 2020 – 1st February 2020

Camp Two : 2nd February 2020 – 14th February 2020



6 years old – 16 years old

*only 8 years old and above are allowed to stay at our boarding school. 


2 weeks camp with no boarding: MYR 7,400

2 weeks camp with boarding: MYR 9,000


  1. Early Bird Discount: Submit application with a deposit of MYR 2,000 before the 6th December 2019, will be eligible for a MYR 1,000 discount off their camp fees. This is based on a 2 week camp.
  2. 5% camp fee discount applies for applications to a 4 weeks camp, either one student for a 4 week camp or TWO students (siblings) enrolling for 2 weeks camps.



  1. Winter Camp 2020 for Parents
  2. Winter Camp 2020 – Camp fees & Details
  3. Winter Camp 2020 – Application and Consent Form – Englis


*Just a friendly advice, we are strongly advise you to get your clients to submit the documents to you directly and then you may forward the documents to us.


Daily transport to and from school are available for day students, please advise them to choose the following pick up locations in their application form.

  1. Danga Bay ( Starbucks)
  2. Teega A (Lobby)
  3. Teega B ( Lobby)
  4. Teega Suites (Lobby)
  5. Mall of Medini (side entrance)
  6. Iskandar Residence (Lobby)
  7. Jen Hotel ( Lobby) 

*Airport transfers are not available for this camp.


  1. Filled and Signed application form and consent form
  2. A copy of applicant’s passport
  3. A copy of the travel insurance inclusive medical coverage
  4. Student Applicants’ spreadsheet (please fill up their particulars into the attached excel file)
  5. A remittance slip of deposit/camp fee.


  • A deposit of MYR 2,000 must be made by 6th December 2019 for each applicants together with the application documents.
  • All final payments and application documents such as copies of passport, travel and medical insurance and daily transport requests must be completed no later than 20th December 2019.


*Failure to submit these documents or payments on time and the school will not be able to guarantee a placement in the camp for the applicant. No applicants will be received after the 20th December 2019.


For the terms and conditions or more details, please read carefully the attached documents and explain to your clients.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, thanks!


2020 여름캠프 1 : 7 월 12 일-7 월 24 일 / 캠프 2 : 7 월 26 일-8 월 7 일 / 캠프 3 : 8 월 9 일-8 월 21 일 

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